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I know this com's been rather... er... inactive for quite a while now. I also know that at one point it was quite the opposite. Question being: Is anybody still interested in drabbling here? If so, I'll happily start challenges back up. Color me just making sure there's still interest before I try.

Calling fellow scribblers, come in please.
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drabbles are like pringles

a challenge? for real?

Hi all. I know, I know, things around here have been rather... lacking in the existing department for the last... forever. Here is, if not a full remedy, then at least a partial one. A new challenge!

To make it all legal and stuff, the last challenge we had way back in February is officially closed, and the one taking it's place is officially open. the challenge is this:

starting over

Not that we are, but it's fitting enough to warrant using this go round. 100 words gets your captain of choice a point in the still-ongoing ever-running tallything. I'll accept my own challenge and dance the one hundred-word waltz some time tomorrow, so as not to be too terribly much of a hypocrite. For now, welcome back? Hi, anyway!
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New community with an extra letter

*A New Star Trek drabble community *

Not a replacement to this place, but just a second one.

I created strek100 about a month ago when I saw this pace was lacking activty. I had an urge for some good Trek drabbling, so took matters into my own hands. Now I just need some people! Come join the fun!

Cont. posting and sharing things here too, after all 2 places to write Str trek, what's wrong with that!?

More infomation taken directly from the infomation page

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drabbles are like pringles

here goes another

Another challenge, that is.

As to captain of the week details, Captain Picard's won this one. *brews tea for the com*

And as to challenge details, the last one is officially closed and the newest is now open. The challenge is this:

sticky situation

this can be anything, from the mundane to the... er, not so mundane. 100 words earns your chosen captain a point in the lovely ever-running tally. enjoy!
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Captain Jack
  • truebq

(no subject)

Title: The Mother
Author: truebq
Series: TNG
Rating: G
Spoilers: Set after the events in 2x11: Contagion
Disclaimer: I don't own any of these characters. Though I rather wish i did.
Authors Notes/Summary: A perspective on the events following Contagion.
Captain: Picard as it is a TNG story :-)

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drabbles are like pringles

just out of curiosity...

Are people still out there/reading/interested in writing? Just wondering, as I'm about to throw out another challenge for the com and it's been pretty quiet in here of late. I'm curious who's all here.

Last challenge's winner as captain of the week details go was Sisko, by the way. and as to the challenge, why not? The challenge is this:


this can be anything: weather, a temperature control blunder-up, a drink... you choose. Enjoy!
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drabbles are like pringles

answering my own challenge

Because I've just realized I should really be doing the 100-word waltz myself, since I'm throwing these challenges out here. :)

This is to be entirely blamed on having been watching *way* too much Voyager this past couple days. And it's dark, dark, darkstuff!

Title: Feeling Something
Author: Chanter
Captain: Sisko
Series: VOY
Rating: PG13
Characters/pairings: Torres-M and Torres-F (two fellow Maquis), Torres-Chakotay
Summary: For the celebrate challenge, admittedly in a weird way. So begins the long, dark night of B’Elana’s soul. Spoilers for events beginning in Hunters.

Feeling SomethingCollapse )
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drabbles are like pringles

attempting another challenge

I know it's a festive time of year, and I know everybody's busy, but I'm throwing another challenge out there and seeing what happens. The challenge is this:


this can be anything, not just christmasy/holiday-ish. Enjoy!
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drabbles are like pringles

challenge things ahoy

Yup, I'm a bit late with this one but better late than never, I guess.

First, as to captain of the week details. Break out the... well something that isn't replicated this time round, because Captain Archer won this week. Wee! :)

As to challenge details, the last one is officially closed, and the newest is now open. the challenge is this:


Given in honor of the great huge one that buried my corner of the States on Friday! This could be a mission gone... uh, haywire, a weather control malfunction, or maybe just a good old-fashioned snowball fight between crewmembers. Do whatever you like with it, everything's fair game. Enjoy!
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drabbles are like pringles

challenge things again

Yup, I know it's mid-week, but this needs shifting and I'll be the one to do so.

First, as to captain of the week details. Everybody break out the coffee, as Captain Janeway is the winner this week. Mmmm, coffee. :)

As to challenge details, the last one is officially closed, and here's it's replacement. The challenge is this:

transporter accident

This could be anything, from the wild to the mundane and from the humorous to the very opposite. One hundred words gets your captain of choice a point in the ongoing ever-running tally thingie. Enjoy!
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