just call me Luna Lovegood (chanter_greenie) wrote in trek100,
just call me Luna Lovegood

a challenge? for real?

Hi all. I know, I know, things around here have been rather... lacking in the existing department for the last... forever. Here is, if not a full remedy, then at least a partial one. A new challenge!

To make it all legal and stuff, the last challenge we had way back in February is officially closed, and the one taking it's place is officially open. the challenge is this:

starting over

Not that we are, but it's fitting enough to warrant using this go round. 100 words gets your captain of choice a point in the still-ongoing ever-running tallything. I'll accept my own challenge and dance the one hundred-word waltz some time tomorrow, so as not to be too terribly much of a hypocrite. For now, welcome back? Hi, anyway!
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