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A Star Trek drabble community.

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Inspired by wednesday100 and the other drabble communities, this is a community for the creation of weekly 100 word drabbles relating to the Star Trek fandom. Taking a page from the hp100, each entry will be required to have a heading consisting of:

Author's Notes/Disclaimer:

Each week a challenge will be issued sometime between Sunday evening and Monday morning. All drabbles posted after the challenge will be recorded for that week until the next challege is posted. For each completed 100 word drabble one point will be givin to the captain of your choice. At the end of the week, the points will be totaled and a captain will be picked as the "Captain of the Week".
The captains you can choose from are:
Kirk (Original Series - tv)
Picard (The Next Generation - tv)
Riker (The Next Generation - movies)
Sisko (Deep Space Nine - tv)
Janeway (Voyager - tv)
Archer (Enterprise - tv)
Calhoun (New Frontier - book)
Gold (S.C.E. - book)

Word Counter
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(1) Membership is open to all who want to join.
(2) All Star Trek fiction is welcome. Any series, movie, or book characters. Slash is welcome.
(3) You may post as many drabbles as you wish.
(4) The captain your points go towards do not have to be from the same ship (or show) as the drabble.
(5) For the time being, please don't cross shows, unless they would have crossed naturally during the time line. (This means, no Enterprise and Voyager together, but Next Generation can be crossed with DS9)
(6) lj-cut: Posts with more than two drabbles or drabbles that rate higher than PG-13 will require lj-cuts.
(7) There is to be no off topic posting. If your post has a drabble in it, however, you can talk about other things in as well.
(8) Stay on topic. Once a current challenge is ended, please don't post any more drabbles for that challenge unless a "retro challenge" week is in effect.

Past Captain's of the Week

Founder: yakumae
Maintainers: chanter_greenie, trekchic, vagablonde